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The Original Toastin' Co.™ Toastie Press

The Original Toastin' Co.™ Toastie Press

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The original toastie maker, delivering perfectly crispy and mouthwatering toasted sandwiches. Step up your toast game with our viral toastie press, and join in the fun! It's time to say goodbye to ordinary toast and hello to extraordinary toastie creations. Get yours now and become a toastie pro!
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The viral Toastie Press as seen on TikTok!

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How Long Do I Toast For?

We found we get the perfect toastie with 2 mintues either side on a low heat. Golden outside, gooey inside.

But everyone likes their toastie different! So feel free to play around to perfect your own!


The Toastie Press has a powerful, non-toxic, non-stick coating. So for general cleaning, or even if you get carried away with your fillings and they overflow, a quick wipe down will get it back to new, no scrubbing required!


After a purchase is made, orders are processed within 24-48 hours, and will dispatch from our warehouse shortly after.

Due to heightened virality and an extremely increased demand, orders may take 7-15 business days to be delivered.

Feel free to track your order via the 'Track Your Order' tab on our website. You will be updated when it is being processed, has been shipped, is in transit, or is out for delivery. Please have your order number, tracking number, and email ready to enter.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send us an email to or visit our Contact Us page!


Length: 30.5cm

Width: 13cm

Height: 5.4cm

Weight: Approx 350g

Will I Receive Order Confirmation?

Yes! All customers will receive a confirmation number in the e-mail they provide during checkout. You will also be updated via the e-mail provided on tracking, and shipping updates. 

Be sure to keep track of your:

  • Order number
  • Confirmation number
  • Tracking number

If you have any tracking related questions, please contact us via the contact page on our website menu!

We know it can sometimes be daunting to make purchases online, but at Toastin' Co, customer service comes first!

  • Your Choice of Filling

    Choose the perfect filling that you'd like melted in your toastie, pop it in the bread and close the press. The limit is your imagination!

  • Toast!

    Its time to toast! We've found that 2 minutes either side, on a low heat, is perfect for us. But you can have it as toasted as you like!

  • Enjoy

    Tip your toastie out of the press and get ready to enjoy your creation! Will you cut and squeeze or tuck straight in?

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